To make sure that we find the best match between our employees and our company, we have set up a recruitment process aimed at identifying the added value you can bring, your expectations and the opportunities we can offer you.

At the start of the process a recruitment officer will screen your application carefully and contact you for a 1st interview. The screening will be based on:
• your current business and IT skills.
• your motivation as a consultant and your professional expectations.
• the long term financial sustainability of the relationship.
During this first interview, you will be invited to describe your experiences, your personality and your attempts to the recruitment officer.

After the 1st interview, you will be contacted by a manager for a 2nd interview. The 2nd interview will help us to assess the match between your technical/ functional skills and the project responsibilities.

A 3rd interview will then be scheduled with the branch manager to present you our recruitment offer.

During the entire recruitment process, we will remain available to answer your questions and give you additional information.

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